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      Hello ladies 👋🏼

      My name is Eli. Me and my friend are going to visit Prague from 20/06-25/06
      We plan to explore every single thing that Prague can offer and big swinger party is on our bucket list. We are very opened minded , energetic and fun . We are all about positivity and communication. We both into sport and extreme activities we are one of those groups that would try everything the world got to offer.

      Little about ourselves:

      Eli: Im 29 y/o (1.78 for those who heigh is important) Im very loud , energetic maybe even chaotic and you will always see me with a smile on and probably will make your abs hurt from laughing if you dig that kind of vibe. I workout regularly and have quite a few hobbies such as airsoft, jiu jitsu , surfing etc.. as much as im loud at the same time im very open to talk about anything and we may found ourselves having deep talks about life for hours upon hours. I speak 3 languages fluently English,Russian and Hebrew.

      Igor : He is 30 y/o (196 with blue eyes 🔥🔥) He is maybe not as loud as me and more elegant and reserved but very funny and ongoing. He as well regularly trains have a lot of hobbies suck as Football, Airsoft , very good with hookahs he will make best mixes that will blow up your mind and he is fucking professional masseur.

      We may sound like some kind of uneducated animals that doesn’t have any class but thats not quite right .

      We both were raised by single mothers and have old school education on how to treat women and if you in our company we will open a door for you, lift up a chair , help you with a jacket even give you a piggy back ride if your feet would hurt from the hills.

      You can check our insta to feel up the vibe and see if we are your cup of tea

      @ahmedov.eli @iigr0ck

      Btw we are open to any suggestions on what is a must to so in Prague maybe something underground and underrated we would appreciate any advice

      Thanks for taking your time reading this and have a great day 🤙🏼


    Aktuálně je na stránce zobrazen 1 příspěvek (celkem z 1)
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