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    Hi I’m 19 and looking for a guy or girl to go with I’m a female and only speak English also a tourist so would be super cool to go with another tourist, I plan on going this weekend so hopefully Friday maybe Saturday and Sunday depending on how fun the club is.

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    If you really wanne go on Friday,

    I would be glad to give you company. I’m a 26 years old student living here currently.

    I’m easy going person.

    You can write me telegram if you want @Ah_0311

    Best regards

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    Hi, I’d be happy to join on Tuesday, 10.5, you if it’s still actual. I’m 30, male, I speak English well and I look forward to have fun there:) btw, it’s gonna be my first time.

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    Hey I was there yesterday, but I can also tonight, did you find already someone?

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    Hey sorry I never got any email notifications so I didn’t know I got reply’s are you under 25 ? Also I went on Saturday would be down to go today

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    Hi, if you don’t mind I’m 30 I’ll be happy to accompany you tonight. If you are ready please leave any of your contacts so we can agree on details:)

Aktuálně je na stránce zobrazeno 6 příspěvků - 1. až 6. (celkem z 6)
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