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      First time from Canada next week and I am a single 33 year old woman, english – I want to confirm there are no Reservations needed? And can just relax and see the night Where Takes Me Rather Than Be in the program ?!

      What if there are too many people? Does that happen?

      I also have questions about the fees. Accurate as listed under prices? The price seems low for all of the inclusions so I would like to inquire about other fees, food or drink? Or is it really all inclusive for ALL for 300-500 CZK?

      See you then. Looking forward to it.

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        Hi Holly,

        Yes, you are right, no reservation needed. You don´t need to be worry about overcrowding.

        “As we are a club open to all, and no reservations are not necessary for us, unless otherwise stated in the program for the day. Membership fees are listed each with specific actions.”

        Fees: for single woman we do have a special rule “Women have every day all inclusive offer for CZK 100 without limitation.”.

        Looking forward to see you.


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          Hi Holly

          here is my mail.  send me mail and let chat

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            Hi i would love to be your companion :). Im 30

            More via


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              Thank you so much Nick,  I am really looking forward to my stay.

              When I meant are there too many people sometimes, is there a chance I may not be able to get in? I am looking forward to coming Thursday, and maybe Wednesday 🙂

              Does the fee for women really include all? Including food and drink?


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                hi holly,


                Hope you are doing fine,  it appears to me that you are visiting this club for the first time, please get in touch with me, I will love to share my experience,  knowledge and all the information with you, my email is


                Looking forward to receive your email.





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                  Hi Holly,

                  no, you will always able to get in. Don´t worry at all.

                  Related woman, yes. Everything is included;-)





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                    Hi Holly,

                    I will be also there for the first time next Sunday. Will you come also on Sunday? I am 35, slim, 1.90.



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